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Why the name Chrysalis?

I chose the name Chrysalis Counseling Services PLLC for its richness in symbolism. Butterflies universally represent transformation and rebirth. The chrysalis stage in the lifecycle of a butterfly demonstrates that change is inevitable, a natural part of life. Change is often experienced more easily when one is allowed to turn quietly inward and seek the knowledge and wisdom that already exists within each of us.

Change becomes more difficult when we struggle against it. It is a necessary part of life, and ultimately leads to growth. We must let go of old habits, maladaptive beliefs, and harmful behaviors in order to embrace new experiences. Rebirth is a phenomenon that we will encounter numerous times as we pass through the various stages of our lives, as we reach different developmental levels, accomplish goals, and achieve new milestones. Following our unique paths, during each of these life transitions we reevaluate our experiences, thereby developing a new sense of self, understanding about our place in the world, and insight into the meaning that it holds for us.

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