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"Juliana is one of the most respected therapists working with families in the transition to parenthood in the Seattle region. She has a broad spectrum of experience in the pre- and perinatal and postpartum stages, as well as a deep passion for supporting women and couples during this critical time. Juliana is warm and collaborative; she is also a leader committed to ensuring educational opportunities for colleagues in her community. I highly, whole-heartedly, recommend her."
~ Corey Colwell-Lipson;
Licensed Marital & Family Therapist, Board-Certified Clinical Art Therapist

"Juliana is a passionate and focused colleague and a tireless advocate for improving women's and children's health outcomes. She is approachable, accessible, understanding and knowledgeable. She tackles challenging tasks with tenacity, grace, and humor. She is a pleasure to work with-and a cool woman to know. I enthusiastically recommend working with her."
~ Shannon Armitage, LMFT;
Former Membership Coordinator, Postpartum Support International of Washington

"Juliana has been very professional in all interactions with me and my patients. She obviously has a strong passion for the work she does and holds a very intentional space for her clients. The depth of her training and experience is evident in the eclectic and diverse methods she has mastered. She is truly unique and offers a clear and effective therapeutic process for the children, families and individuals who are fortunate enough to find her. The most important aspect of a client-therapist relationship is trust, and Juliana honors each client by holding clear boundaries and cultivating a nurturing, safe and intimate healing experience. "
~ John Donald, LAc;
Owner of Wellspring Natural Health
Chrysalis Counseling Center Testimonials

"Juliana is a strong leader with a big heart and a passion for helping people. Her great ideas and energy contributed enormously to Postpartum Support International of Washington, and I appreciated her patience in explaining both the organization and various postpartum topics to me, the volunteer newsletter editor. "
~ Melissa Allison;
Business Reporter, The Seattle Times;
worked with Juliana at Postpartum Support International of Washington

"Juliana and I facilitated a Postpartum Depression group together. She was very dedicated and could be depended on for multiple details of our volunteer group. Juliana is professional and presents information regarding therapy, and behavioral health with details as needed, but in a manner that all can understand. We had great support group meetings with mothers and their support individuals. I recommend Juliana as a counselor/therapist and would work with her if ever the opportunity arises. "
~ Kariena Brosten, RN, CCM;
Case Manager, Group Health Cooperative
Chrysalis Counseling Center Testimonials

"Juliana has demonstrated the ability to develop and maintain positive, nurturing relationships with many challenging children and their families. She is able to accurately identify symptoms related to acuity and craft interventions accordingly. She is a resourceful and reliable advocate for her clients and is able to partner with other providers in the community to provide continuity of care. Juliana is an intelligent, motivated individual who demonstrates both the desire and ability to make a difference in the lives of children and their families. "
~ Sheri Radick, MS, LMHC, CMHS, MHP;
Former Program Manager, Compass Health

"I have found Juliana to adhere to the highest degree of honesty, trustworthiness, and professional integrity, all encompassed by a high degree of humanitarianism and respect for her colleagues and clients alike. Juliana's respect for diversity is surpassed only by her sincere interest in others' cultures, lifestyles, ethnicity, and spirituality. She has the ability to become part of the process of building a relationship through mutual respect while holding her position as guide and advocate intact. Her work with women and children is admirable and has provided her with a foundation from which to spring in her daily interactions with this population. "
~ Nancy P. Anderson, LMHC, MAC;
worked with Juliana at Pathways for Women YWCA

"Juliana is a natural leader with a talent for organizing ideas into action. She understands how to motivate clients and help them to manage the obstacles that interfere with their progress. She is also an excellent communicator who is adept at conflict resolution and handling crisis situations. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Juliana and have the highest respect for her sense of integrity and compassion. "
~ Candace Marshall;
worked with Juliana at Pathways for Women YWCA
Chrysalis Counseling Center Testimonials
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