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Counseling Clients:

"I began seeing Juliana during my second pregnancy for help with gender disappointment and what I later realized was antenatal depression. I could never say enough good things about her. Juliana is kind, thoughtful, caring, a great listener, and immensely reassuring. Her gentle demeanor was so calming to me at a time when I felt like I was in the middle of a tornado. With Juliana's help, I was able to develop the tools I needed to manage my anxiety, overcome antenatal and postpartum depression, and most of all, be the kind of mother that my children deserve. I HIGHLY recommend her."

Read the story of this mother's journey through Postpartum Depression.

Testimonials Chrysalis Counseling Center"I have suffered from anxiety and depression my entire life. It wasn't until I met my husband that I really got a grip on it and learned how to manage it, without fighting it. When I first met with my OB to talk about starting a family, she mentioned that I was at high risk for Postpartum Depression because of my history. Although this wasn't surprising to hear, it was certainly disappointing. I figured we would try to get pregnant first, and then cross that bridge later. It only took us a few months to conceive and although I was anxious the first few months of my pregnancy, the last 2 trimesters were great. I actually felt less anxious and less depressed than ever before. Something in my body responded well to being pregnant. My daughter was born at 36 weeks via emergency C-section, and although tiny and a bit jaundiced, she was perfect. It was a scary and unexpected experience for me and I felt a loss when she was born. I lost being pregnant. I no longer had her safe inside me. Everything was different and scary. I went through a mourning period because the decision to have a C-section was very fast and needed to happen immediately. I didn't get time to process what was happening. I didn't get time to say goodbye to my pregnant belly. I didn't instantly bond with my daughter. I didn't cry with happiness the moment they placed her in my arms. I felt like a horrible mother. A day that I had waited my whole life for did not turn out the way I had expected. It was months of feeling this way before I sought help. I was referred to Juliana by a nurse at Evergreen Hospital, where my daughter was born. Juliana was able to somehow get through to me that I wasn't alone, that what I was feeling was normal and it was called Postpartum Depression. Although I was devastated to hear this, I was relieved. I finally had an answer to why I was feeling the way I was. It wasn't because I didn't love my baby. Juliana promised me that I wouldn't feel this way forever. She promised. After weekly sessions with Juliana, I finally got to a point where I did feel that bond with my daughter that I had missed all along. Juliana's promise was met. I am so thankful that I had Juliana to guide me through one of the most difficult times of my life. My daughter is now 19 months old and I feel more connected to her every single day. I know that with my future children, I have a high chance of experiencing PPD, however, Juliana and I have a plan in place to start weekly sessions, and medication if needed, before it gets out of hand. That plan in itself makes me feel better. I am grateful to Juliana every day for making me feel understood, not alone, and fixable."

"I contacted Juliana 3 months post-partum as I knew something was not right. I felt immediate relief when she returned my call. Throughout my course of treatment through post-partum depression, I was saw Juliana weekly, while at the height of my illness, I was seeing her up to twice weekly over the course of a year. She is an amazing listener, who also provided comfort, while sharing stories, facts and encouragement to let you know that you are not alone. I was truly in the depths of despair and felt hopeless and thought I would never find myself again. Juliana also provided me informational resources and referred me to other highly regarded healthcare professionals to help manage all aspects of my recovery. With the help and encouragement of my treatment team, I was able to regain the strength to persevere through this dark time. Going through this very difficult time was truly a transformative period in my life and I'm now back to my old self, but much stronger. I have found the greatest joy in motherhood and could not have done it without Juliana."

"Words cannot explain how thankful I am for Juliana. I can honestly say that I would not be the mother that I am today without her. I may not even be here. I had a complicated pregnancy that ended in an emergency C-section and was followed by post-partum depression. I really didn't understand that I had post-partum depression though. All I knew was that I felt like the worst mom ever when my baby cried. Thankfully my doctor recognized the signs and insisted that I find a therapist. After some searching, I found Juliana. Juliana is kind, patient and truly caring. She worked closely with my doctor to get me through it. She helped me understand that I was not a bad mom. That sometimes babies just need to cry and that every mom has felt this way. She taught me not to be so hard on myself. Now I am the mom of a wonderful almost two-year-old little girl. I cannot give Juliana enough credit or recommendations."

"Seeking help was the most difficult and the most rewarding decision I've made. After suffering six miscarriages, I finally had a little boy. He was born four months premature and spent half a year in the hospital before I could bring him home. Years of suppressed emotions and fears finally started to catch up with me. The weight of these feelings was overwhelming! I knew I needed help to sort through everything I was feeling, but I was afraid to reach out. I am tremendously grateful that I did. Juliana was so comfortable to open up to! Working with her enabled me to not only reclaim happiness in my life, but also provided me with a safe place to turn when I needed support. I know now that reaching out was not a sign of weakness, it was a sign of strength. It meant that I was striving to be an even better mother to my son, and that I just needed some help to do it."

"I came to Juliana about six weeks after the birth of my second son. I struggled greatly with guilt over my newborn "taking away" my exclusive devotion to my older child. I had misplaced anger and a need to control everything in our lives. I was unable to find a way to balance a newborn, toddler and being (in my mind) the ideal wife. My perfectionistic tendencies greatly complicated life for me. As a result, I felt like a failure every single day because I couldn't live up to my own expectations. Juliana's kindness and gentle advice helped me learn where and when to let go of my need to control, how to laugh at the little things, to remember to look at the big picture, and how to enjoy life just a little more. She offered me a safe place to say aloud my deepest, darkest feelings without being judged, and I learned I'm not the only one who has those thoughts. She helped me revisit and revise what my ideal wife role looks like. While I continue to struggle with my need for perfectionism, I've learned where I'm comfortable letting go of control and where to look to find my happiness."

"I feel lucky to have found Juliana, she's been a great help to me as I work to untangle issues from my past. I was a victim of sexual abuse when I was young. For 20 years, I mostly ignored this fact. I told a few people, but I didn't talk about it and I mostly let it lurk in the back of my mind. Then, I had a baby and that changed everything. I decided I couldn't go on without dealing with what had happened to me. I want to be the best mother I can, and to do that, I need to deal with the trauma of the past. Before working with Juliana, I couldn't talk about the abuse without getting nauseous and clammy. Juliana never pressured me to discuss more than I was able. I always felt comfortable in her presence. Now, I feel I've come a long way. I feel that, while the abuse is part of my past, it's not my whole past. I have more perspective and I'm more at peace with what happened. It's not something I'll ever forget and I don't think I should. I'm well on my way to healing, though, and that's a good place to be."

"Everyone deserves to have a guide to help navigate life's decisions and challenges. Someone who has a map of the terrain, has talked to many other travelers, and who has a set of tools to help make the journey a bit easier. Life's big transitions, like the birth of a child, can be full of wonder and joy, but they also come with risks and pitfalls--things that no one really talks about. There are many, many, people who have gone through difficulties during such times, and many who have found the comfort, advice, and clarity they needed through therapy. You aren't alone, and don't have to go through it alone. My only regret is not finding my personal adviser sooner!"

"Prenatal counseling with Juliana helped me work through grieving the loss of our first son while still bonding with our second baby. Her kindness and professional insights guided me along a path of healing that would have been impossible to navigate alone."

"Juliana's amazing insights regarding personal growth have been of tremendous value to my family. She is very in tune with both my own, and my teenage son's emotions, helping deal with my husband's illness, and then his death, as well as being able to guide and lovingly support us through many other personal issues throughout the years. Her warm heart and strong intuition make her a terrific counselor. I would, and have, recommended her to many of my friends who seek a mental health professional."

"I started seeing Juliana two years ago to address my fears regarding pregnancy and childbirth. As much as I wanted a child, I was simply too afraid. Today, I am the proud mother of a bouncing baby girl. Juliana and I worked through some tough issues and while the change certainly wasn't overnight, I soon began to realize that my outlook on life was starting to evolve. Juliana is friendly, easy to talk to, and fun. She helps you to think and work through your fears without pushing too hard. I often ask her questions and think she answers them, but a few hours later, I realize she just talked me through the question and I actually came up with the answer on my own. Additionally, Juliana has helped me with the other issues in life that crop up from day to day. She sees the world with a unique perspective and her thoughts are sensible and helpful. Juliana's approach to counseling involves listening with a sensitive ear, asking insightful questions, providing relevant examples, and a dose of her own opinion. Meeting Juliana has made a difference in my life and I believe she can make a difference in yours as well."

"I started seeing Juliana after realizing I needed help to deal with a difficult divorce and a verbally abusive boyfriend. Juliana really helped me understand the difference between the negative things they said about me, and the truth about me and my life. She helped me move forward into the next phase of my life and process many past difficulties. I am much more empowered in my life because of this therapy."

"I began working with Juliana to cope with multiple issues related to grief. I found that she guided me through the process of defining my life outside of grief. This is a profound change and I really needed Juliana's patience, questions, and insights in order to work through some pretty challenging topics. I will continue to work with her in order to keep making positive changes that help me live a more satisfying life."

Professional Associates:

"Juliana is one of the most respected therapists working with families in the transition to parenthood in the Seattle region. She has a broad spectrum of experience in the pre- and perinatal and post-partum stages, as well as a deep passion for supporting women and couples during this critical time. Juliana is warm and collaborative; she is also a leader committed to ensuring educational opportunities for colleagues in her community. I highly, whole-heartedly, recommend her."
~ Corey Colwell-Lipson;
Licensed Marital & Family Therapist, Board-Certified Clinical Art Therapist

"Juliana is a passionate and focused colleague and a tireless advocate for improving women's and children's health outcomes. She is approachable, accessible, understanding and knowledgeable. She tackles challenging tasks with tenacity, grace, and humor. She is a pleasure to work with-and a cool woman to know. I enthusiastically recommend working with her."
~ Shannon Armitage, LMFT;
Former Membership Coordinator, Postpartum Support International of Washington

"Juliana has been very professional in all interactions with me and my patients. She obviously has a strong passion for the work she does and holds a very intentional space for her clients. The depth of her training and experience is evident in the eclectic and diverse methods she has mastered. She is truly unique and offers a clear and effective therapeutic process for the children, families and individuals who are fortunate enough to find her. The most important aspect of a client-therapist relationship is trust, and Juliana honors each client by holding clear boundaries and cultivating a nurturing, safe and intimate healing experience. "
~ John Donald, LAc;
Owner of Wellspring Natural Health

"Juliana is a strong leader with a big heart and a passion for helping people. Her great ideas and energy contributed enormously to Postpartum Support International of Washington, and I appreciated her patience in explaining both the organization and various postpartum topics to me, the volunteer newsletter editor. "
~ Melissa Allison;
Business Reporter, The Seattle Times;
worked with Juliana at Postpartum Support International of Washington

"Juliana and I facilitated a Postpartum Depression group together. She was very dedicated and could be depended on for multiple details of our volunteer group. Juliana is professional and presents information regarding therapy, and behavioral health with details as needed, but in a manner that all can understand. We had great support group meetings with mothers and their support individuals. I recommend Juliana as a counselor/therapist and would work with her if ever the opportunity arises. "
~ Kariena Brosten, RN, CCM;
Case Manager, Group Health Cooperative

"Juliana has demonstrated the ability to develop and maintain positive, nurturing relationships with many challenging children and their families. She is able to accurately identify symptoms related to acuity and craft interventions accordingly. She is a resourceful and reliable advocate for her clients and is able to partner with other providers in the community to provide continuity of care. Juliana is an intelligent, motivated individual who demonstrates both the desire and ability to make a difference in the lives of children and their families. "
~ Sheri Radick, MS, LMHC, CMHS, MHP;
Former Program Manager, Compass Health

"I have found Juliana to adhere to the highest degree of honesty, trustworthiness, and professional integrity, all encompassed by a high degree of humanitarianism and respect for her colleagues and clients alike. Juliana's respect for diversity is surpassed only by her sincere interest on others' cultures, lifestyles, ethnicity, and spirituality. She has the ability to become part of the process of building a relationship through mutual respect while holding her position as guide and advocate intact. Her work with women and children is admirable and has provided her with a foundation from which to spring in her daily interactions with this population. "
~ Nancy P. Anderson, LMHC, MAC;
worked with Juliana at Pathways for Women YWCA

"Juliana is a natural leader with a talent for organizing ideas into action. She understands how to motivate clients and help them to manage the obstacles that interfere with their progress. She is also an excellent communicator who is adept at conflict resolution and handling crisis situations. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Juliana and have the highest respect for her sense of integrity and compassion. "
~ Candace Marshall;
worked with Juliana at Pathways for Women YWCA

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