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Women's Reproductive Mental Health

My focus on perinatal and postpartum issues has been guided by many years providing counseling and support to women as they navigate the life transitions around motherhood, or prospective motherhood. I work with Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders, challenges with fertility, reproductive trauma, high risk pregnancies, miscarriage, neonatal loss, and other concerns impacting women during their childbearing years.

Please visit my page on counseling for women's reproductive mental health and wellness for additional information.

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Other Holistic Counseling Services

With over 30 years of commitment to mental health and social services, I am experienced in providing counseling and support for many issues related to emotional wellbeing. I continue to devote a portion of my practice to addressing a variety of concerns impacting adult women across the lifespan, such as depression, anxiety, grief and loss, and life transitions.

Please visit my page on holistic counseling for optimal health and wellness for more information.

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The Importance of Honoring your Inner Life

Contrary to what many people believe, counseling is not only beneficial during periods of low mood or times of crisis. While this can certainly be true, the reality is that the world can be a tough place to navigate, and most of us could use a bit of unbiased, nonjudgemental support. It's not often we take regular time out of our busy lives to mindfully focus on our emotional wellbeing.

There can be many advantages to seeking support when things are actually going relatively well. Resilience is cultivated through consistency, and consistent attention paid to our inner lives is a healthy and healing gift we can give ourselves. Counseling provides the space for self-reflection in a safe and respectful environment. Creating intentional space to stretch and grow allows us to thrive as individuals, and acting from our own personal place of optimal wellness, we in turn have more to give to those around us.

Regardless of when you are reaching out, be it a time of calm or of internal upheaval, I am honored to hear your story, and to be a presence as you navigate whatever paths you find yourself walking. I look forward to talking with you, and discussing how my counseling services can best meet your individual needs.


To help you make additional informed choices about your care, please refer to my Overview of Practice Limitations and Exclusions. I want my clients to feel confident that my scope of practice and skill set can meet their needs and effectively help them achieve their goals.

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